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Приглашение на научную конференцию по Крионике в Дрездене, Германия, 4 и 5 октября 2014. Текст приглашения :

Dear Colleagues and Cryonicists,

The German Society for Applied Biostasis (DGAB) organizes its second international scientific conference. The symposium Applied Cryobiology – Scientific Symposium on Cryonics will be held on October 4th to 5th in Dresden, Germany.

The conference focuses on the scientific fundamentals of cryonics with topics including biostasis and applied cryonics as well as nanotechnology. The purpose of the symposium is to bring together scientists and cryonics professionals as well as the interested general audience in order to promote the scientific foundations of cryonics, to stimulate discussions and improve personal exchange regarding these topics.

Invited speakers include:

Ben Best - Cryonics Institute
Peter Gouras - Columbia University
Aubrey de Grey - SENS Research Foundation
Jose Pedro de Magalhes - University of Liverpool
Max More - Alcor Life Extension Foundation
Aschwin de Wolf - Advanced Neural Biosciences

The Robert Ettinger Medal for outstanding merits in the fields of cryonics will be awarded during the conference.

For registration and submission of abstract, please see the conference website

Looking forward to seeing you in Dresden at October 2014.

Please email us with any questions: symposium2014@biostase.de


Jun. 12th, 2014 04:48 pm (UTC)
Это было про то, чем я НЕ занимаюсь.

А занимаюсь я вещами глубоко полезными на долгосрочную и сверхдолгосрочную перспективу. Вот как-то так =).